Self respect and Ego

What is the difference between self respect and Ego?

Self respect and Ego

There is NO self so there is no question of "self respect" and "ego".

As long as there is respect there is mind. As long as there is mind there is a center and that center is ego.

Self respect, ego and mind goes hand in hand.

If your mind is totally silent then there is no ego or feeling of self respect. It is just silent.

The word self respect has a subtle feeling of "me".

In deep meditation there is no feeling of "me, myself or ego".

Ego is a false center which is helpful while dealing in this world. But in the spiritual world there is no need of ego.

If you respect yourself then people will automatically respect you.

You see, "I should respect this and I should not respect that"…all that is mind game. When there is "no mind" there is no comparison. Then there is no respect or lack of respect.

So called motivational writers give to much importance to self respect. It is better to respect yourself than to condemn and hate yourself. But it is more important to observe and understand this "self" or "ego" then to worship them.

Most of the psychological problems begins with "inferiority complex" that’s why motivational speakers teach about "self respect" so that you can develop a strong feeling of "superiority". They never teach you to observe and learn the subtle ways of your mind, self or ego.

To observe your mind games is rather difficult task then to respect yourself and create a strong feeling of superiority.