Lying yourself to success

This post is regarding how to talk with yourself to shift your mind from a negative state towards a resourceful state . The thoughts in your mind are literally shaping your life. What you think you become. But to change your deep rooted thinking patterns is not easy.

Most of the time our mind is focused on negative thoughts. It is very difficult to shift from negative self talk to positive self talk. It need great efforts because the mind is trained in negativity. And when you try to focus your attention on positive thoughts your mind start resisting.

Lying yourself to success

The goal of hypnosis is to “bypass” the critical faculty. In my previous post I told you about two specific moments to shift your focus when your mind is receptive for new ideas. You don’t need to induce a hypnotic trance to become more receptive and open for new suggestions. Use those two specific moments (mentioned in my previous post) for effortless transformation when you are naturally in a trance-like state.

In this post you will learn how to pace with your negative self talk and gently lead you mind towards a positive state.

Take example of fear. Suppose you are fearful and you repeat positive affirmations like "I’m confident" then your mind will resist this thought. Because deep down you know that you are fearful. So in this case you have to pace with your fear (reality) and gently shift your thoughts towards positive state (desired state).

So you should speak to yourself like this: “I know that I am not confident but I would like to have more confidence in this particular situation.”

Notice, how you feel!

Your mind will not resist or negate the above said statement because you are starting with the facts and subtly guiding your mind towards the desired direction.

Never say "I'am fearful", instead say "I’m not confident". The meaning is same but in the first statement you focus on "fear" while in second statement you focus on "confidence".

You can make your hypnosis script on the fly using this simple principle.

Have you ever noticed that if you want to quit a bad habit like smoking you remain focused all the time on cigarettes. The more you want to quit something the more you get focused on it. In this way you get attracted towards the unwanted things, situations or people.

When you try to forget your ex your remember her more. The mind doesn’t know the meaning of "no". To the mind "no" has no meaning at all. To the mind "no" is like invitation. We can take benefit of this nature of mind.

So here "I'am not confident" actually means "I'am confident". That’s why I said never use the word "fear" instead use the word "confidence".

In this way you can make a script like this: “I am not strong enough (do not say I’m weak) but I like the feeling of having incredible strength and power. At this moment I am not feeling as strong as I would like to be …but still I like to entertain this idea of having incredible strength and power. I don’t know if this idea of being a powerful man is sinking deeper in my mind or not…I’m not sure at all …but still I would like to be focused on the idea of strength and power because entertaining the idea of having strength and power makes me feel so good.

You see, your mind will not resist or negate above statements because they are pacing the reality of not having strength and power yet creating anticipation of having power. These statements will easily bypass the critical faculty and enter in your subconscious mind. You don’t need to go into the hypnotic trance.

This style works even in normal conversation. For example,“It doesn’t matter whether you listen to my words or just hear the sound of my voice …and it really doesn’t matter whether you blink your eyes or take a deep breath…all I expect you to just pay attention to my words. I know we are meeting first time so you can not trust me but at least you can feel comfortable.”

The person will listen to your words and he will also pay attention to the sound of your voice. He will blink his eyes and then he will take a deep breath. He will feel comfortable.

Are you with me?

So simple!

So the point is you can use this kind of language to bypass the resistance (critical faculty of brain). You can use this type of language to hypnotize yourself or other people even in normal conversation.

Now take this statement: “Just pretend that you have forgotten your name, the more you try to remember the more you forget it and now try in-vain to tell me your name …just give it a try”.

The above statement covertly suggest you to ‘pretend‘ that you have forgotten your name and it also suggest to ‘try in-vain‘ to tell me your name. The person will just keep trying without getting success.

You can speak with your mind using the same trick: “I know I’m not a confident man but just for ten minutes I would like to pretend as if I’m the the most confident and irresistible person. I would like to create a fake state of unstoppable confidence. I would like to anticipate myself as the most confident person in the world even though I’m not”.

If you keep talking (or lying) to yourself in this way your mind will effortlessly create that state and that state is real.

It is not fake.