2 Specific Moments To Redirect Your Brain

Basically you repeat same patterns of thought everyday. That’s why you live the same life everyday.

If you want to change your life and give it a new direction then you have to redirect your focus in different direction. The way to shift your focus is to change your thoughts and mental images.

If you try directly to change your thoughts then your mind will resist you so there are two specific moments when you can redirect your focus effortlessly.

2 Specific moments to redirect your brain

The best time to bypass these those limiting thought patterns and redirect your focus toward desired direction is when your mind is naturally calm and quite.

Everyday your mind becomes naturally calm and quite before wake up in the morning and before you enter into sleep.

You can use these specific moments to redirect your mind toward powerful states or your goals. Because at that time your mind is less resistant and more receptive.

Some people use positive affirmations to alter their state. In my opinion it will be better if you simply ponder your mind on the things you want and desire in your life or on the goals you want to achieve.

Do not ask ‘how’ you are going to achieve these goals. Simply think about ‘what exactly you want‘. For example think about how will you feel when you confidently give a public talk. Amplify that feeling of confidence. How will you feel in your dream car? What you will see and hear?

Suppose you want to write a book but you are feeling writers block then think about how will you feel if words could flow freely on the paper. Anticipate how will you feel if you could write effortlessly pages after pages.

Anticipation works better than affirmations because when you anticipate you are exploring the possibilities. You feel excitement and that excitement motivates you, that excitement inspires you. Then you are not imposing false beliefs on your mind that’s why your mind will not resist you.

In the morning when you wake up don’t open the eyes immediately. First of all direct your mind in the direction of happiness and excitement. Just think about how wonderful is this moment. Feel prosperity and abundance that surrounds you. Think about anything, any person or any topic that makes you feel good. In this way you will give your brain a right direction.

If you begin your day with gratitude then you will transform your day and you will feel good. If you begin your day with irritation then also you will transform your day and you will feel irritation. So the choice is yours.

In the morning set intention of feeling happiness, confidence and gratitude. This way you give your brain a direction. Without direction it will wander anywhere.

When you set new year resolutions you give a direction to your brain. Your brain will obey your orders. When you set a goal, declare an intention, ponder on a subject, anticipate a solution, remember good memories then you are giving your mind a right direction. You are telling your brain that this is what I want.

If you focus your mind on problems before you sleep then your sleep will disturb. And your brain will also get programmed to go in the wrong direction.

This is very simple thing, deliberately choose better feeling thoughts and mental images at least when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep. Because these are the two specific moments when your brain shift gear and pass through a gap. When your brain is passing through the gap it is very receptive to new ideas.

If you do these two simple things then you will see your life shifting in the desired direction before your eyes.

If you do not want to focus your attention on a specific goal then simply focus your attention on the present moment. Feel the coziness and comfort of your bed, observe your breath, pay attention to your body and notice which part is feeling more relaxed than the other part. The point is one should never get focused on worries and concerns immediately after waking up or before going to sleep.

Use these two moments to give your mind a proper direction or simply remain silent and enjoy the moment.

Topics to entertain before you go to sleep:

  • How will I feel when I will reach there??
  • What does it feels to achieve that goal??
  • What exactly I want in my life??
  • What if I could write a 100 pages book??
  • What will I see, hear and feel when I will behave confidently in this particular situation??
  • How does it feels to be prosperous?

Topics to entertain before you open your eyes in the morning:

  • How wonderful I feel this moment!
  • Today I intend to live every moment wisely
  • I want to feel prosperous just for today
  • Today I want to feel happy for no reason
  • Today I want to feel love and compassion

Find your own topics which make you feel good and create excitement.

In this way you can redirect or shift your brain from worries and tensions to happiness and achievements.